Is your coffee fair trade?

Because we believe in sustainability for
farmers, we purchase all of our coffee above fair trade pricing.

Whatis the optimal time to drink your coffee after the roast date?

We recommend brewing within 7 to 30 days of
roast date to enjoy optimum freshness and flavor. However, you can still enjoy
your brew’s delicious flavor past that time.

Whattypes of coffee do you offer?

Single Origin – We source our single origin
coffees from farms across the globe to bring you incredible flavors, while
supporting local farms, communities and co-ops.

Blends – Our coffee masters create unique
blends that allow you to experience the best of all coffee worlds.

Flavored – From Pumpkin Spice and Candy
Cane to Chocolate Hazelnut, our flavored coffees are a joy to sip.

Whatare flavor notes?

When you sip your coffee, you might think,
"this reminds me of…". Those prevalent flavors are what captures the
essence of each brew, whether it’s dark chocolate and butterscotch or fruity
with a hint of caramel.


Whatday will my order ship?

We roast and ship your coffee the day you
order it to ensure you can enjoy the freshest cup every time.

Doyou have free shipping?

We offer free shipping within the USA with
every order, including subscriptions. For orders outside the US, please see
shipping charges at checkout.

Whatis your return policy?

If your coffee beans arrive and don’t fit
your order we will replace them within one week of purchase date. The volatile
nature of coffee makes it imperative that it is consumed in a timely manner. If
your beans arrive and are different from what you ordered please email us and
return your items to our store. Please return them in their original condition.

To view our full return policy click here.

For individual support, please email support@taylormade-coffee.com.

Myitem(s) arrived damaged. How can I get a replacement?

We’re so sorry that happened! Please email
us at support@taylormade-coffee.com
with your order number and a picture of the damaged item(s) and we'll get a
replacement out to you right away.

Iplaced an order. Can I add items, modify, or cancel the order?

We’re sorry, but no. We begin roasting your
order immediately after it’s placed to give you the freshest coffee on the


Howdo I create a coffee subscription?

Simply visit our subscription page here and
select the brew, frequency and quantity you want then add to your cart and
check out.

Your first order will ship the same day and
all following orders will ship on your set schedule.

CanI pause or cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! You are always in control of your
subscription and can add/update/pause or cancel it at any time.

CanI add other coffees or products to my subscription?

To add other coffees or products to your
subscription, please email us at support@taylormade-coffee.com
and we’ll be happy to help!